In Review

  • Bertsimas, D., Shtern, S., and Sturt, B., “Two-Stage Sample Robust Optimization”,Submitted for publication, 2019 .preprint
  • Bertsimas, D., Shtern, S., and Sturt, B.,“A Data-Driven Approach for Multi-Stage Linear Optimization”, Submitted for publication, 2018. preprint
  • Bertsimas, D., Shtern, S., “A Scalable Primal-Dual Algorithm for Two-Stage Adaptive Mixed-Integer Optimization”, Submitted for publication, 2017. preprint

In Preperation

  • Ben-Tal, A., Shtern, S., “A Robust-Optimization Interpertation of Set-Value Estimation: Deriving Old and New Results”,working paper, 2015
  • Ozdaglar, A., Shtern, S., and Wei, E., “Network Topology Effects on Distributed Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers”, LIDS report 2917,working paper, 2013



Ph.D. Thesis Robust Tracking via Semidefinite Programming and Noncovex Quadratically Constrained Quadratic Programming, under supervision of Prof. Aharon Ben-Tal, 2015.

Master’s Thesis Multi echelon robust supply chain control, under supervision of Prof. Aharon Ben-Tal and Prof. Boaz Golany, 2008.